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Palliative Care in Amarillo

A large part of being in Health Care is being able to quickly adapt to changes, many times these changes come unexpectedly or on many occasions changes come because insurance coverage dictates the changes.

A newer program to provide service in the Amarillo and Surrounding communities is a program that was adapted because of changes in our health care delivery system and a desire to offer a service that is underutilized nation-wide.

FMC Long Term Care program, offers a service through a delivery model at both skilled nursing and at home.

FMC Long Term Care Services:

  • Treating pain and other distressing symptoms

  • Discussing treatment options

  • Coordinating care with all of your heathcare providers

  • Providing emotional support for the patient and the family

  • Ensuring care is in line with the patient’s wishes


5211 SW 9th Ave.

Amarillo, Texas 79106

Our Providers:

Wesley Nickens, MD

Randy Stewart, MD.

Elena Loomis, MSN, APRN, A-GNP-C,

Certified Dementia Practitioner, CCRN

FMC, or Family Medicine Center, provides a network of services in both Amarillo and Canyon, you can find out more information about their clinics and locations at,

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