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Changes Coming to Star Rankings?

CMS Proposes Two Changes to Home Health Star Ratings Algorithm

By Robert Holly | June 27, 2018

One measure behind home health quality of patient care star ratings may be on its way out, but another is poised to take its place.

The Medicare Learning Network, an education and outreach arm of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), outlined two recommended changes to quality of patient care star rating methodology on Wednesday, both having to do with measures related to medication adherence.

Proposed changes include the removal of the OASIS-based “drug education on all medications provided to patient [and] caregiver” measure in calculating star ratings, along with the addition of a measure looking at improvement in management of oral medications, which is already reported on in Home Health Compare (HHC).

Removing the drug-education measure from star rating calculations has become necessary because of widespread improvement among home health agencies, effectively “topping out” the measure, according to the Medicare Learning Network. Currently, more than 53% of agencies have a score of 99% or higher for the drug-education measure, while more than 30% of agencies had a perfect score of 100%.

For complete article, click here.

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